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At Procom we provide high quality, responsive and cost effective business IT solutions and support services to businesses around Hull, Yorkshire and the North of England.

Our core objective is to provide these businesses with a stable IT infrastructure and a reliable support system, to ensure they receive to assistance and support they require. As accredited suppliers of all the major IT suppliers, we can ensure our customers get the best quality products and services, all at competitive prices


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Support Services

We know our support service is only as good as our support staff. Smart, highly motivated and service obsessed, our highly experienced support engineers are also backed by partnerships with all the major manufacturers, resulting in an in-depth technical knowledge and extensive industry experience allowing them to resolve anything form the simplest to the most complex issue.

Offsite Backup Solutions

Procom ProStore Backup solutions offer both Onsite and Remote data backup variants. Ensuring your data is secure and easily restore-able.

Network Solutions

Procom offer Network Solutions to clients of all sizes. This includes the design and implementation of complete solutions including:

  • Lan’s & Wan’s
  • Wireless

All based upon clients requirements, budgets and future plans using brand leading suppliers backed up with Manufacturer trained engineers.

Office 365 Solutions

Procom offer a full range of Microsoft 365 solutions as a Microsoft Certified Partner, from Email to Office software, SharePoint and TEAMS conferencing

Server Solutions

Procom supply, install and maintain a comprehensive range of industry leading Microsoft Windows Server solutions for such facilities as Domain Control, Microsoft Exchange and Terminal Services, Cloud Hosting and Application Hosting

Ubiquiti Solutions

Ubiquti supply high-performance unified threat management firewalls, Switches and network equipment which deliver fully-featured security combinations including intrusion prevention. Including Wireless, Mesh Wireless and Remote configuration

IT Procurement

IT Procurement has become a core aspect of Procom’s facilities. Supplying ALL hardware & software components for a robust, Secure and user agreeable network.

  • Servers
  • Workstation / Laptops
  • Mobile computing
  • Software
  • Audio Visual
  • Networks
  • etc.

Monitored Network Management

Procom utilise an industry leading Real-time Network Monitoring solution. Full reporting including

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Check Our General Questions

No you do not need a formal contract to benefit from Procom’s services. We are always happy to charge clients on a Time and materials basis, but the vast majority of clients find after trying Procom’s they want to discuss a contract to offer better response times and enable them to save money.

This is one the most common questions received, the simple answer is YES, we supply a comprehensive range of IT and associated equipment and software.

For most of our clients we act as their go to point of contact for any IT project large or small.

Network and IT infrastructure monitoring is one of our fastest growing offerings. Procom can manage your network / infrastructure REAL time 24/7, often being alerted to issues before your users are aware. Issues are fixed as a background service and all this helps keep your IT functioning as you would wish. We supply monthly / quarterly reports and discuss with you the alerts raised and how they can be reduced.

Procom Support Options

A selection of Procom Support Options - call to discuss your requirements

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Call Out

Customised Response Contract

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