Procom make the perfect IT partner for your Business

Procom Professional Services originates from Hull in East Yorkshire where we first began our journey as a managed IT services provider in 2003.

At Procom we are proud of our constitutional ethos of providing excellence in everything we do. Our staff are employed not only for their knowledge and experience, but also because of their values. It’s important to us that when we interview new candidates, they align with our company culture and have the right credentials. Our approach to each project sets us apart from the rest, because we genuinely care about our clients’ experience, in addition to providing robust IT services.

Our approach is to keep an open mind and listen to what our clients say. We are creative, innovative thinkers and relish a new challenge. We believe in a supportive environment, which encourages the best from our workforce.

Helping companies develop a formal digital workplace technology strategy

60% of companies still have not developed a formal digital workplace technology strategy

IT has become a critical part of almost every department in an organisation. This ever-increasing reliance on IT services has led businesses to invest in new technologies, but that’s not enough. Your technology investment should support the goals of your business.

New technologies must now reduce costs, increase security, enhance productivity and improve collaboration. Procom’s IT-business alignment model can help improve your business performance, leading to more efficient processes, faster response times and more efficient workforce.

Our Mission

Procom’s mission is to support your organisations IT Infrastructure from top to bottom, internally and externally, from Anti-Virus and Cyber Security solutions to ensuring Home Workers enjoy a stress free connectivity environment


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