Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Procom Technical
  • Date: 16-04-2020
  • Skills: Ubiquiti Networking
  • Client: Procom Client - East Hull


Procom’s comprehensive network management technology consolidates the need for multiple tools with a lightweight, agentless software that gives you the visibility you need to optimise your network. Get started with:

  • Built-in performance monitoring
  • Toplogy mapping
  • Intelligent alerting
  • Configuration management
  • AIOps tools

Improve network performance

Procom helps you keep an eye on your network in real-time with performance monitoring that allows you to identify and troubleshoot issues rapidly. Custom dashboards, topology mapping, forecasting, and detailed reporting elevate visibility into complex networks and help yo identify bandwidth issues and performance bottlenecks.

Enable proactive operations

Procom’s AIOps tools provide sophisticated alert intelligence that reduces alert noise and proactively warns IT operations teams before issues occur. With root cause analysis and dynamic thresholds, Procom AIOps creates an early warning system for IT operations that provide a platform to prevent failures, detect anomalies, and suppress alerts.

Configuration monitoring made easy

Procom enables users to automatically detect changes, manage, alert on, and restore configuration files for any device within the same pane of glass as your network monitoring. Flag policy violations when they happen and update or restore configurations on the fly without bringing development to a standstill. Improve network efficiency and reduce MTTR by correlating infrastructure performance to configuration changes in real-time.

Visualise your network
like never before

Within minutes, topology maps provide beneficial insights into your monitoring operations that help you discover relationships between resources and streamline your troubleshooting workflow .