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IT Support

Procom has been delivering IT support services for over 20 years. The services are designed around the needs of clients and their individual staff. Our qualified engineers, backed by the power of our experience, deliver exceptional responsiveness and accountability.

This seamless blend of highly skilled and qualified engineers and our unique technology allow us to deliver an unparalleled level of service and flexibility to our clients.

IT Projects

Our Projects are delivered rapidly, with fixed-price commercials, through best-practice methods across the workplace or cloud:
For clients seeking a reliable and proven partner to project manage and deliver
crucial IT projects.

Procom has more than 20-years of track-record in delivering a wide-range of managed IT projects of various sizes, from simple upgrades to major global network design, cloud migration and other implementation projects. Our clients trust us to deliver when delivery really matters.

Network Monitoring

Procom provides a comprehensive range of network monitoring, maintenance and management capabilities designed to minimise risk, enhance performance, and improve transparency.

Procom will perform an initial assessment of the entire network. Much of this can be performed remotely / automatically. The devices found are then placed into Managed Workplace Platform (our Cloud based instance – fully accessible by our clients) and, depending on the required services, various monitoring platforms are configured.

The monitoring capabilities focus on a wide-range of areas from networking devices, virtual infrastructure to end-user devices.

Procom NOC services are either delivered as part of an outsourced IT engagement or to organisations with in-house IT teams seeking to enhance their current capabilities.

Offsite Backup Solutions

Secure and highly available

Procom ProStore Backup solution stores two copies of your data in different locations in the Datacentre a remote locations. Data is encrypted before it leaves your infrastructure, sent over a secure connection and stored encrypted.

Procom ProStore Backup solution gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the data you want to protect, for as long as you want to protect it. Backup is designed to be a cost effective IT solution whether you’re interested in short or long-term retention. And, you can restore virtual machines or individual files and folders.

Fully Outsourced IT Services

Leading the way in Outsourcing IT

Procom has delivered Outsourcing IT services to clients for the past 20 years, during which time it has challenged the norms– helping to define what has become the IT services people expect today.

Our IT outsourcing services achieve better results by bringing together three important components – great technology , skilled engineers, and strong IT governance.

This blend of unique technology and qualified engineers allow us to deliver a fully-managed IT service of unparalleled quality and flexibility.

Some clients use our technology or outsourcing IT services to enhance the capabilities of their existing IT team and other organisations, without in-house IT expertise, use us as their sole IT function.


Enhancing User Experience

The user focused IT support services have been designed with user-experience in mind in order to minimise frustration to staff.

To keep staff productive, typical complaints of the IT Outsourcing industry have been addressed to ensure the experience is as responsive as possible.

And we understand that when it comes to IT Support, every staff member works differently and therefore offer different IT support channels. Whether staff prefer to pickup the phone and speak to us, email us, use an online Helpdesk, a mobile app, a tablet or our Remote connection feature, we have them covered.

Improve Productivity Through Outsourcing IT

Staff productivity is critical to any outsourcing IT contract, therefore minimising IT service related interruptions is key. However, some interruptions are more subtle and can slowly erode staff productivity across the organisation.

Procom’s clients who utilise our Network Monitoring platform, which continually assesses the responsiveness of a device – how quickly it logs in, how the applications perform, what stability issues have been experienced. This insight helps Procom to keep staff productive

And all this is available to review through dashboards and dynamic reports.

At Procom we believe offering our clients this level of transparency is critical to build trust and forge a long-term partnership.

Expense Budgeting

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