Leading the way in Outsourcing IT

Procom has delivered Outsourcing IT services to clients for the past 25 years, during which time it has challenged the norms– helping to define what has become the IT services people expect today.

Our IT outsourcing services achieve better results by bringing together three important components – great tech, skilled engineers, and strong IT governance.

This blend of unique technology and experience allows us to deliver a fully-managed IT service of unparalleled quality and flexibility.

Some clients use our technology or outsourcing IT services to enhance the capabilities of their existing IT team and other organisations, without in-house IT expertise, use us as their sole IT function.

Enhancing User Experience

The user focused IT support services have been designed with user-experience in mind in order to minimise frustration to staff.

To keep staff productive, typical complaints of the IT Outsourcing industry have been addressed to ensure the experience is as responsive as possible.

And we understand that when it comes to IT Support, every staff member works differently and therefore offer different IT support channels. Whether staff prefer to pickup the phone and speak to us, email us or have an engineer visit site, we have them covered.

Improve Productivity Through Outsourcing IT

Staff productivity is critical to any outsourcing IT contract, therefore minimising IT service related interruptions is key. However, some interruptions are more subtle and can slowly erode staff productivity across the organisation.

Procom deploys their monitoring platform which continually assesses the responsiveness of a device – how quickly it logs in, how the applications perform, what stability issues have been experienced. This insight helps Procom to keep staff productive

For partial or complete IT Outsourcing